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Roulette Strategies

Roulette is a very popular game dating back to the 18th century. Ever since the game was created, countless people have tried to come up with unique strategies for beating the house. Many of these strategies are still used today, and some even believe that it is possible to beat the house with them. Unfortunately, this is not possible, as all strategies have their own weaknesses that ultimately give the house the upper hand. However, there are other good reasons to use these strategies read more, as they make the gaming experience more interesting and entertaining.

Here we take a closer look at several of these strategies and reveal the pros and cons of using them. Martingale is one of the most popular strategies and one that in theory can actually beat the house. In this strategy, you should double the bet on each loss, and reset to the original bet on a win at In theory, this is a bomb-proof concept, but some limitations make it fail in practice. Find out more about what these limitations are and learn all about martingale here. Paroli is a strategy also called a reverse martingale.

This strategy involves doubling the bet on each win, and resetting it on a loss. The strategy is based on the assumption that gains and losses come in series, and thus leads to the gains being maximized when the table is hot, while the loss is reduced when the table is cold. D'Alembert is a very simple strategy where with every win and every loss you have to change the bet by one. The point of this strategy is that you are guaranteed to make a profit when you have an equal number of wins and losses. This strategy assumes that you will win in two games.

The first third of the money is wagered, followed by the second third in case of loss. As long as you win within two rounds, the question, however, is how long it is possible to succeed with this. Here we tell you all about this strategy. Labouchere is a very interesting and different strategy. Here you have to write down a sequence of numbers. The bets are then placed based on the outer numbers in this sequence. For each loss, add a number to the sequence, removing two at each win. The goal is to remove all the numbers, and if you succeed in doing so, the result is a profit equal to the sum of the original number sequence.