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Play Responsibly

It is committed to supporting a responsible gaming environment on our site. We place great emphasis on the game being responsible, and our principle is to offer a responsible gaming service to all players. The dedicated team behind support and responsible gaming has reviewed training for social responsibility and interactions. This is cpd certified to document a holistic approach to improvements in personal skills and competence through their work. We want you to have fun while playing at Cassiopeia, while we constantly make it possible for you to play responsibly.

For millions of people, online gambling is a form of entertainment, but for some people with gambling problems, it can be like a liquor store for an alcoholic. Most people play responsibly, but for some, gambling can be a problem. We suggest the following guidelines for playing responsibly try to set limits on deposits, stakes and losses before starting the game. Gambling is not recommended if it goes beyond your daily duties. Gambling is not recommended if you are being treated for addiction or are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Gambling is not recommended if you intend to win money to make up for previous losses. You are over 18 years old. The term "responsible gaming" has become well known in the casino world, and it is not without reason. The term is about playing sensibly, which is very important when playing for real money. In recent years, online gambling so called gambling has become increasingly popular, and in line with this, more people have also had financial problems. To avoid financial difficulties, you should know how to play responsibly, so feel free to read on and get some good advice.

The most important thing you can do to play responsibly is to have control over your own finances. This is most easily done by creating a monthly budget then you quickly get an overview of your monthly income, as well as all the expenses you have per month. The difference between income and expenses reflects how much you can spend on what you want gambling for example and then you know that you can not exceed this amount. Having control of your finances may seem complicated, but it's easier than you think to make a simple monthly budget. Playing responsibly is largely about playing with as low a risk as possible. This means that you have to think about where you are investing your money. A casino that does not focus on security is not a place where you want to leave personal information or your own money. Therefore, make sure that the player you play with encrypts your information, and that they are subject to a license from an approved lottery inspectorate. Once you have found a casino that seems serious, be sure to set limits on your own gambling.