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One of the first things you need to do when it comes to online casino poker is to distinguish it from "poker rooms". If in the latter you bet against several users connected simultaneously, the game I will talk about on this page presupposes a challenge against a dealer that can be represented either by the software or by a live dealer in the case of live tables. In the next few lines I will show you the rules of its classic version, some famous variants and the providers that develop these titles for casinos. I will also provide you with an overview of the live tables present on our best Italian platforms as well as some advice on strategies to bring your playful sessions to good use. If you continue reading the next paragraphs you will certainly be able to learn all this very quickly.

It will be true that we always claim the invention of anything, but it is equally true that various sources name the so-called "Zarro" as the first and true ancestor of poker, a very popular game in the north of our Peninsula during the Renaissance and even banished by the Sforza. Obviously this is only one of the hypotheses that the experts have considered. Other voices find it very similar to an ancient game very popular in Persia called "As Nas", still others find its great-great-grandfather in the Anglo-Saxon "Brag". In short: the only thing you can be sure of is that, regardless of the place of birth, poker has spread throughout most of the world, enriching itself with new rules each time, until it reaches its final form and consolidated.

Modern poker, as we know it now, is certainly more recent and can be traced back to the first half of the American nineteenth century, where for the first time there is talk of 54-card poker with different symbols and colors. A century later, the game has spread all over the world and for about fifty years it depopulated in its 7 Card Stud variant, until online casinos begin to spread, which determine a real revolution.

Poker games are born. Online casino and together with them an impressive number of variants. As I said in a previous paragraph, numerous versions of this great casino classic have spread throughout our territory (as well as in the rest of the world), each characterized by its own specific rules. I decided to create a list of the variants most appreciated by the Italian public and to insert it on this page in order to clarify your ideas on the matter. For each one you will also find a brief and concise description of the game and the basic rules that characterize it, in order to bet at best before sitting down at the table.