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Classic Slots

As already reported, Keno is now present in any land based casino. While not being able to enjoy a reputation equal to that of other pastimes, such as roulette, poker, baccarat and slots, Keno has nevertheless collected a good number of "followers", especially thanks to its decidedly intuitive game mechanism. Similar to those created for slot machines, and share automatic operation with the latter. This means being able to approach the game without relying on a dealer or, in any case, a member of the staff. But if the short time available has not allowed you, up to now, to get closer to land-based casinos, you will still have another way to place your bets, represented by the online version. Also in this case you can select a certain amount of numbers, waiting for the draw to check if and which numbers you have got it right.

The numbers involved in the draw are 20, and come from a total pool of 80 numbers. The virtual ticket is divided into two parts, each containing 40 numbers. The more numbers match those drawn, the higher the amount you are entitled to. At the regulatory level, the online versions of Keno tend to resume what is valid in the terrestrial rooms. Therefore, if you have already had the opportunity to test this game by visiting a online casino, you will not have any difficulty in mastering it even in front of the PC.

In addition, thanks to a technological growth that appears unstoppable in the field of gambling, and to continuous investments, essential to win the trust of new users, virtual rooms have a tendency to introduce new functions and updates, and to reward players. also through enticing bonuses. Keeping in mind that the costs incurred by virtual casinos are lower, given the absence of many management costs, the odds of winning appear higher. Before starting to play from the PC, try to choose the online casino that can offer more variants of Keno, and not just the classic one. It is possible to mention, among others, the versions "Circus Keno", "Critter Country Keno", "Crossroads Keno", "Golden Hits" and "Thunder Power".

Once you have chosen the virtual room and the Keno variant, the next step will consist in indicating the numbers on which to bet, simply by selecting them with the mouse. Being a game in which luck plays a fundamental role, on many occasions it is the instinct that gives rise to the highest winnings. Place your bets, by clicking the "Play" button you will confirm the bet; therefore, from this moment on you will no longer have the possibility to change it. Wait for the numbers to be drawn; you will see them appear on the side of the screen. If a winning combination accrues you will be ready to collect the relevant winnings. However, if it is your intention to replay some of your wagering income, or withdraw the amount from your gaming account, you will be required to meet the wagering requirements.