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Online Keno Games

If you've played it before and fell in love with it, you'll be pleased to know that this awesome game is not only available at land-based casinos, but also at many online casinos around the web. Finding an online casino that has a solid reputation where to play your favorite online keno games can be a daunting task, especially if you've never played online casino games before. Well, thanks of the best online casinos, with the best reviewed rooms on the web; you won't have to embark on a tedious journey in search of an online casino to play, because we've already made it for you. The simple rules of Keno make it a fun and exciting online casino game. This game of luck, which is very reminiscent of games such as bingo and lotteries, involves some numbers being drawn randomly: the player has to do is choose some numbers and wait for them to be drawn.

Once you have opened your favorite online keno variation, you will be able to choose your numbers using the mouse. Playing keno online you can choose how many numbers you want, not necessarily many or few, taken from the digital Keno grid which is made up of 80 different numbers. Typically, however, there is both a minimum and a maximum number of selectable numbers during a Keno game. Normally the minimum is 1 number, while the maximum is 20 numbers.

However, this usually depends on the online keno variation you decide to play. Once you have made your choice, you can then choose how much you want to bet on the chosen numbers. Usually the amount that can be wagered on each number varies from casino to casino. Nevertheless, in most cases you will find that the minimum bet you can make is 1 euro, while the maximum is 10 euro. An important thing to take into consideration is that once you have chosen your numbers, and once you have entered the bet you want to place, this decision cannot be changed. So better choose carefully, since you can never go back.

After clicking on 'Play One' or 'Play Five', the numbers will be drawn and you will be able to figure out how much you have eventually won. As the term 'Play One' implies, the numbers drawn will only be valid for one game. On the other hand, if you have chosen to click on 'Play Five', both the numbers and the bets you have placed on the various numbers will be valid for five consecutive games. As in many games that require you to place bets in order to play, money management becomes a crucial factor in maximizing the chances of pocketing a considerable win. Being a casino game, Keno allows players to take advantage of the opportunity to get rich by simply wagering a small amount of their bankroll on a selection of numbers.