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Online Craps Casinos

We present online Craps, a different, exotic and little known game of great attractiveness and high yields. The rules of this wonderful craps game are really worth learning: the promised winnings from craps are notoriously high, with a House Edge of around 1.4%! In short, one more reason to try to understand how it works, which at first sight might appear complicated. With a little bit of effort and after a couple of free spins you will still be able to place your bets with staggering winnings, as long as the dice show their best face.

Craps is a game based on dynamism, involving not just one player, but a group of fellow players allied against the dealer so to speak. In this group we will have a shooter, also called a shooter, who will throw the pair of six-sided dice deciding on the outcome of the game. Now let's see step by step how the game unfolds, consisting of several rounds. The first roll of the dice is called the “Come-out”. The shooter will roll the dice only once if he is lucky enough to get a winning combination right away - or he will keep rolling them until the sum of the two dice comes up with seven at the wrong moment. At that point, the next player will take over as the shooter.

In the event of the remaining numbers coming out, we will move on to the next round. This situation now becomes interesting and must be understood well. The number issued, for example 5, will be called Point. A marker will be placed on this number, set to ON. If the Point comes out on the next round, you will have won. If 7 appear you will have lost, while with any other number it will start again with the roll of the dice.

What is the advantage of the Odds bet? Simple, the winning margin is higher! The stake can then be 2.5 times greater than the amount of the Pass Line bet depending on the online casino you are playing at. The player who looks carefully for the ideal casino may even find operators that allow you to bet an amount of 5-10 times greater! For this reason we advise our readers to inform themselves in detail about the conditions and betting limits at the various online casinos. Winnings in the Odds bet are calculated according to a very precise system.